5 Softaculous Ecommerce Scripts for Your Business

Whether you are managing the web host for your e-commerce store or offering hosting reseller plans to an e-commerce client, you remarkable applications like Softaculous that makes site management simple and efficient and does wonder for the modern-day e-commerce business. Softaculous gives you access to more than 350 applications that can boost your online business. Of all, these top five e-commerce scripts by Softaculous are most popular among webmasters and site owners.


This open-source CMS software is one of the most widely used web applications by online retailers. It is versatile and highly customizable, which is a big advantage for online retailers today since they have to manage a highly dynamic website. The software can be easily installed and used and is managed by a global community of thousands of developers, which helps in constant upgrade and innovation. Since its open-source, it dramatically reduces recurring costs.

Key features:

  • Integrated marketing and promotion tools.
  • Analytics and reporting formats.
  • SEO and website management tools.
  • Easy catalog browsing and inventory management.
  • Easy option for mobile commerce.

Abante Cart

This is also an open-source e-commerce platform and one of the most widely used Softaculous e-commerce scripts. The PHP-based application allows retailers to easily set up their online store and start selling without much ado. It is managed by a team of experts who are constantly trying to evolve the software with regular upgrades. You don’t even need any tech expertise to use this application.

Key features:

  • Quick and easy installation, migration, and upgrade.
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What Should I Look For In A Hybrid Coupler Company?

In today’s business world, millions of corporate leaders and small business owners find themselves in need of a hybrid coupler. Yet if you’ve never made this type of business purchase before, you may need guidance and advice regarding how to select the ideal purchase provider. Read on to learn about several of the attributes you should seek out in a company that sells hybrid couplers:

1. Industry Experience.

One of the first things you should seek out once you start looking for the right hybrid coupler company is industry experience. Ideally, you want to select a company whose professionals have been successfully operating for five years or longer. This step is advantageous because the more time the company’s professionals have spent in the industry, the more likely they are to know what steps to take to connect you with the ideal product. Typically, you can determine how long the coupler company has been successfully operating by reviewing their website.

2. Excellent Customer Service.

Another attribute that you should seek out in a hybrid coupler company is excellent customer service. Obtaining stellar customer service is imperative for multiple reasons. First, it ensures that you’re working with individuals who have extensive product knowledge, thereby ensuring that they are linking you with the ideal product. Additionally, working with a company whose professionals offer excellent customer service ensures that you are treated with respect throughout the shopping process.

3. A Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Sparing Your Schedule and Budget with Online Shopping

As a farmer or rancher, you know that every second you spend in the field or among your livestock is critical to your financial success. You may not be able to afford much if any time away from home especially for tasks like shopping for new farm implements or equipment.

When you are in the market for new gear like graders, hitches, and hay bale moving equipment, you may want to free up a minimal amount of time to do the shopping you need. You can find the most comprehensive selection of gear for sale when you shop on the website today.

Checking the Rating for the Equipment

When you shop for new farm equipment, you want to spend money on vehicles, attachments, and accessories that will give you a good return on your investment. You do not want it to break down and stop working shortly after you buy it. You want it to come with a high rating from both the company that sells it as well as professional reviewers of such equipment.

You can find out what the rating for the equipment you want to buy on the company’s website. Its A-rated gear is listed on the company’s front landing page. The company advertises it for both its low prices as well as its high professional rating.

Along with buying equipment that comes highly rated, you also may want to buy equipment that will more than serve the purpose you have in mind for it. Rather … Read More